Company Presentation

GastroSocial is a social insurance company with headquarters in Aarau, consists of two organisations:

GastroSocial Compensation Fund

The GastroSocial Compensation Fund was founded in 1948 under the name «Landlord Compensation Fund», and is the Association Compensation Fund of GastroSuisse, the professional association for the hotel and catering industry. This is an independent federal institution established under public law with their own legal personality and covers AHV/IV/EO/ALV insurance as well as the family compensation funds. In addition, the GastroSocial Compensation Fund also administers contracts and collection of premiums for daily sickness benefits insurance and accident insurance.

GastroSocial Pension Fund

Even before occupational pensions became mandatory in Switzerland, the existing landlords‘ association founded the «Landlords‘ Occupational Retirement Provident Institution». Today, the autonomous joint foundation is the association provident institution of GastroSuisse.

Around 20‘000 customers and 170‘000 insured benefit from our comprehensive range of services. Even business establishments that are not operating within the hotel and catering sector can be affiliated with the GastroSocial Pension Fund.

Our objectives

GastroSocial is a dynamic company that operates in an exciting market. We aim to continue successfully playing to our strengths on the social security market whilst at the same time growing them organically. We attach great importance to service excellence and are therefore constantly striving to optimise our internal processes and procedures. We do our utmost to exploit synergies so that we can continue to offer excellent value for money. We keep our eye on the ball and maintain flexibility in adjusting to the constantly changing external environment.

Our values

We can only achieve our goals if our employees are motivated, committed and pulling in one direction. Mutual trust and a high level of appreciation are major factors in our everyday teamwork. We communicate clearly and transparently and cultivate a culture in which mistakes are dealt with constructively. We enjoy our work whilst not losing sight of our goals.

Further information, facts and figures can be found in our Factsheet.