Applying for Maternity and Paternity Allowance

The statutory maternity and paternity allowances are financed through the income compensation regulations (EO).


Mothers and fathers are entitled to claim as long as they

  • were insured under the AHV scheme nine months before the birth of the child, and
  • were in gainful employment for at least five months during this period.

Parents are eligible if, at the time of the birth of their child, they

  • were employees.
  • were self-employed.
  • worked in the business of their partner or family and received a cash salary.


  • 80% of the average earned income immediately before the birth of the child (up to a maximum of CHF 196.– per day).
  • Entitlement begins upon the birth of the child (for mothers it lasts a maximum of 98 days; fathers can take 2 weeks within 6 months of the birth).
  • For mothers it ends after 98 days and for fathers after 2 weeks (10 working days) taken within the 6-month period following the child's birth (with the exception of the Canton of Geneva).

If the mother or father returns to work sooner, the entitlement ceases and is replaced by the normal salary payment. Both maternity and paternity allowance are part of the social insurance schemes and subject to an obligation to pay contributions (with the exception of accident insurance). If you continue to pay the mother's or father's salary for the duration of their entitlement, the compensation fund will pay the allowance to you.


The employee fills out the «Application for maternity allowance» or «Application for paternity allowance» form and forwards this to you, along with a copy of the birth certificate. You complete the remainder of the form and send it to us.

Further information on maternity and paternity allowances can be found in the AHV information sheets «Maternity benefit (AHV information sheet 6.02 LEC/MB/PB benefits)» and «Paternity benefit (AHV information sheet 6.02 LEC/MB/PB benefits)».f