Departure of Employees

Compensation Fund

Please use the «Notification of departure of employees from the AHV compensation fund» form and send it to us by E-Mail or by post:

GastroSocial Compensation Fund  |  Salary Statement Checks team

P.O. Box 2203  |  5001 Aarau  |  E-Mail

With PartnerWeb-Connect you can notify the departure of employees online. If you are not yet a PartnerWeb-Connect customer, you can register free of charge for this programme here.

Pension Fund

Please mark departures of employees on the «Salary list pension fund».

More information

More details on the departure of employees can be found in our Guidelines. Please provide departing employees with the following documents: «Termination of employment relationship (Information for employees)» information sheet, «Pension fund asset» flyer