Enrolment of Employees

Compensation Fund

Employers are no longer obliged to systematically register new employees with the AHV Compensation Fund within 30 days of their joining the company. Registration must now be carried out during the salary statement procedure at the beginning of the following year at the latest. However, we would advise you to retain the old system of registration and to notify us of entries of employees within 30 days by completing the «Notification of enrolment» form or via PartnerWeb-connect. This timely registration of employees will ease your administrative procedures and reduce the number of questions from your employees as well as from the Compensation Fund, due to missing information. Please send us the completed form by E-Mail or post:

GastroSocial Compensation Fund  |  Salary Statement Checks team

P.O. Box  |  5001 Aarau  |  E-Mail

According to the decision fo the Federal Council (art. 136 AHV Ordinance) which entered into force on 1 June 2016, Compensation Funds no longer have to issue insurance certificates (confirmation that your employees have been registered). The GastroSocial Compensation Fund will, however, continue to issue insurance certificates as confirmation of registration with the AHV. You will also receive new AHV cards for all insured who do not (yet) have an AHV card. We would ask you to please forward these documents to your employees.

With PartnerWeb-connect you can also notify the enrolment of new employees online. You will receive the confirmation of insurance by post. If you are not yet a PartnerWeb-connect customer, you can register free of charge for this programme here.

Pension Fund

For the next notification, enter the names, AHV numbers and gross salaries of new employees in the «Salary list pension fund» (in addition to those of the current employees).

More information

More details on the enrolment of new employees are provided in our Guidelines. Please provide employees joining the company with the «My Pension Fund» brochure.