Execution Family Allowances


The contribution rates (as a percentage of the payroll total subject to AHV contributions or income) differ from canton to canton and are determined by the competent Family Compensation Fund (FAK). All self-employed individuals and employers must pay FAK contributions for all employees subject to AHV contributions, even if these employees do not have children.


We advise employers not to pay out any allowances without a written allowance confirmation from the Compensation Fund. We cannot reimburse benefits that are paid without justification. Approved allowances are paid to entitled employees every month in addition to their salary. Further information on determining family allowances entitlement can be found here.

Flat-rate billing procedure

To simplify and speed up the procedure for repaying family allowances to employers, GastroSocial Compensation Fund uses a standardised flat-rate billing procedure. With the flat-rate billing procedure, family allowances are finally settled at the beginning of the next year with the annual statement prepared on the basis of the salary notification submitted by the employer. Family allowances are taken into account in the provisional on-account invoices. The employer can notify the Compensation Fund of personnel changes affecting the allowance totals.

Registering an employee

Please complete the «Application for family allowances» form together with your employee, and send us the signed form with the required documents to the following address:

GastroSocial Compensation Fund  |  Team Family Allowances

P.O. Box  |  5001 Aarau  |  E-Mail

More information

More details on family allowances are provided in our Guidelines.