Salary Notification with the AHV

Salary notification for Compensation Fund – how to avoid a fine

To avoid a fine, remember to always notify your Compensation Fund of the full name, date of birth and AHV number of new employees. The law requires you as the employer to properly identify your employees to the Compensation Fund (art. 143 par. 2 Ordinance on Federal Old Age and Survivors’ Insurance, AHVV). Missing information means that the AHV contributions that are paid cannot be allocated to an individual account, which is detrimental to employees at the latest when their AHV pension is calculated. If an employer fails even after several reminders to provide the Compensation Fund with the required information regarding an employee, the Compensation Fund is obliged by law to levy a fine.

filling out the salary-notification

Submission of salary notification

The salary notifications for the Compensation Fund are sent out in December and must be completed and returned to the Compensation Fund by 30 January following the end of the contribution year at the latest, or 30 days after business operations are closed down. If this deadline is not met, the employer is liable under the law to pay interest on arrears.


The free online service PartnerWeb-connect offers you time-saving functions for sending salary notifications to the Compensation Fund. For example, you can send various notifications in encrypted form online – and at any time. You benefit from quick replies and an electronic dossier that is always available. It’s free to register for and use PartnerWeb-connect! More information about PartnerWeb-connect can be found in this flyer and here.

GastroSocial online wages book

Fast capture of salaries for small companies – suitable for companies with up to 5 employees. The online wages book in PDF format allows you to capture the salary data electronically and is just as easy to use as the GastroSocial wages book in paper format. The completed online wages book can also be saved as a file and sent directly to the GastroSocial Compensation Fund by E-Mail.

Important notice

It also meets our purposes if you just return the completed salary certificate to us instead of the completed wage sheets. This means less work for you when declaring the salaries of your employees.

Computer statements

Instead of using the wages book, you also have the option to send us statements which you have generated using the salary programme.

What happens after the salaries are notified to the GastroSocial Compensation Fund?

The Compensation Fund manages an individual account for each insured where all earnings, contribution periods and credits for the care of relatives are registered. These serve as the basis for calculating a retirement, survivor‘s or disability pension.

More information

More details on the salary notification with the AHV are provided in our Guidelines.