Salary Notification with the Pension Fund – Salary Deduction Calculator

Simple notification with salary lists

Every 3 months, you receive the salary lists from us which you should complete with the names of your current employees and their gross salaries and return to us.  

You can also use your own documents to notify the salaries to us.

The Salary Deduction Calculator – calculate salary deductions quickly, simply and exactly

The salary deduction claculator from GastroSocial helps you to calculate your BVG deductions. You can calculate your monthly BVG deductions for yourself and your employees simply and to the exact franc. Click here to get to the salary deduction calculator.

Entry and departure of employees

We capture the entry and departure data of the employees at your company on the basis of the names on the salary lists. You therefore do not have to complete a separate form for the enrolment and departure of employees.