Persons who pay AHV contributions on an income from gainful employment of at least CHF 7‘170.– per year are entitled to allowances. Various other factors, such as income, place of abode of the child etc. also determine entitlement to family allowances.

Check here to ascertain whether the mother or the father is entitled to claim family allowances.

Insured persons who cannot work due to accident or sickness receive their family allowances for the month in which the incapacity to work first occurred and during the following 3 months. The family allowances are also paid during maternity leave, but for 16 weeks at the most.

Since 1 January 2013, self-employed individuals are also entitled to family allowances.

People who are not gainfully employed are entitled to allowances if the taxable annual income does not exceed 1.5 times the maximum AHV retirement pension (CHF 43’020.– per year) and no supplementary benefits to the AHV/IV are drawn (exception: spouses or registered partners of self-employed individuals who are not gainfully employed).

More information

More details on family allowances are provided in our Guidelines.