KTG & UVG – Daily Sickness Benefits Insurance and Accident Insurance

Association insurance

The professional association GastroSuisse has negotiated a framework agreement with SWICA Healthcare Organization for daily sickness benefits insurance and compulsory accident insurance, as well as for supplementary accident insurance. Employers affiliated with the GastroSocial Compensation Fund can settle their premiums for the daily sickness benefits insurance and accident insurance for the employees together with the AHV contributions. The service provider is SWICA Healthcare Organization.

Scope of the association insurance

The insurance offers collective insurance for the employees as well as individual insurance for company owners and their family members. You can choose to affiliate with the association insurance for either or both the daily sickness benefits insurance and/or accident insurance.

Plus points

+  Favourable terms thanks to collective insurance
+  Risk coverage in accordance with statutory provisions and L-GAV
+  Simplified administrative processes

SWICA Regional Agency Basel T 061 270 66 66
SWICA Regional Agency Bellinzona T 091 821 45 45
SWICA Regional Agency Bern T 031 388 11 44
SWICA Regional Agency Lausanne T 021 619 48 48
SWICA Regional Agency Lucerne T 041 248 94 94
SWICA Regional Agency St. Gallen T 071 499 64 64
SWICA Regional Agency Winterthur T 052 224 58 58
SWICA Regional Agency Zurich T 044 404 84 84

The SWICA regional agency staff members will be pleased to assist you with any queries relating to daily sickness benefits insurance and accident insurance. To apply for the collective daily sickness benefits insurance and/or accident insurance, click here.