Supplementary Accident Insurance


To supplement the compulsory accident insurance, employers can take out supplementary accident insurance for their employees.

Plus points for insured persons subject to the L-GAV:

  • The employer must pay the premiums for the supplementary accident insurance.
  • Daily allowance for the 1st and 2nd day after the accident:
    • For persons who do not have to support any dependants: 80% of the insured salary (occupational and non-occupational accidents)
    • For persons who have to support dependants: 100% of the insured salary (occupational accidents) respectively 80% of the insured salary (non-occupational accidents)
  • Daily allowance from the 3rd day after the accident:
    • Only for occupational accidents suffered by persons who have to support dependants (this benefit is only paid for the period during which the employer is obliged to continue paying the salary under the L-GAV): 20% of the insured salary

Should you have any questions with regard to provision in terms of supplementary accident insurance, please contact the SWICA Healthcare Organization directly.