Cash Payment of the Pension Fund Assets

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Your pension assets (termination benefits) should serve as your retirement pension and may therefore only be paid out in cash in the following cases:

  • If you become self-employed as your main occupation;
  • If you leave Switzerland to live abroad (if you move to an EU or EFTA member state where you are subject to compulsory insurance for the consequences of old age, death and disability, only the extra-mandatory savings can be paid out).
  • Your pension fund assets amount to less than your personal annual contribution (insignificance). If you were only insured for the employee benefits insurance with the GastroSocial Pension Fund for a short while, your termination benefits may be less than your personal annual contribution. In this case you can request the cash payment of the termination benefits.
  • You receive a full disability pension from the AHV without entitlement to a disability pension from a pension fund.

More information

Details on cash payment of the termination benefits can be found on our information sheet entitled «Cash payment of the pension fund assets on moving to an EU or EFTA country».