Changing Jobs

A change of job brings with it new challenges, as well as affecting your social insurance. The following points should be noted:  

Compensation Fund (1st pillar)

The registration and de-registration process with the AHV does not affect you, as this is taken care of by your former and new employers. Employers are no longer obliged to systematically register new employees with the AHV Compensation Fund within 30 days of their joining the company. Registration must now be carried out during the salary statement procedure at the beginning of the following year at the latest. However, we are advising employers to retain the old system of registration and to notify us of entries of employees within 30 days.

Pension Fund (2nd pillar)

It is important that your retirement assets are held with your current Pension Fund. The Federal Law on Vesting in Pension Plans (FZG) states, among other things, that your existing termination benefits (Pension Fund assets) must be transferred to the Pension Fund of your new employer when you change jobs. 

Your new employer is affiliated with the GastroSocial Pension Fund

Situation A:

Your former employer is not insured with the GastroSocial Pension Fund. Please complete the «Termination benefits – Transfer of vested benefits to the GastroSocial Pension Fund» form

Situation B:

Your former employer (and your current employer) is insured with the GastroSocial Pension Fund. If this is the case, then no action is required. Your account will be managed by us in accordance with the pension scheme of your new employer.

If your new employer is not affiliated with the GastroSocial Pension Fund

Please notify us of which Pension Fund your new employer is insured with using the «Termination benefits – Transfer of pension fund assets» form. We will then generate a leaving settlement and transfer your termination benefits to the new Pension Fund.

If you do not have a new employer:

Open a vested benefits account with a bank, and send us confirmation of this from the bank.

Family Allowances

If you are newly insured with GastroSocial and are entitled to family allowances, your employer must inform us of this. Please complete the «Application for family allowances» form together with your employer. The employer will then send us the signed form along with the required supporting documents.

Daily Sickness Benefits and Accident Insurance

The daily sickness benefits insurance cover ends immediately upon termination of the employment relationship. Insurance cover for non-occupational accidents, on the other hand, extends for a further 31 days beyond this date. If you reduce your working hours and work less than 8 hours per week, your accident insurance cover must be taken out with your private health insurance provider.