Compensation Fund Pension Payment Dates

Pensions will be paid on the 3rd postal working day of the month. Pensions will be paid in advance. This means e.g. that pensions for the month of January will be due for payment at the beginning of January.

The following payment dates will apply in 2021:

Month Payment date Month Payment date
January 2021 06/01/2021 July 2021 05/07/2021
February 2021 03/02/2021 August 2021 04/08/2021
March 2021 03/03/2021 September 2021 03/09/2021
April 2021 07/04/2021 October 2021 05/10/2021
May 2021 05/05/2021 November 2021 03/11/2021
June 2021 03/06/2021 December 2021 03/12/2021

Note: art. 31 GSSLA (ATSG) Obligation to notify changes of circumstances

Persons entitled to benefits must notify the compensation fund responsible for them without delay of any change in their circumstances which may result in the discontinuation, reduction or increase of benefits awarded to them, as well as any changes of address.

This is particularly necessary in the following cases:

  • change of address, change of payment details, transfer of domicile abroad, admission to a home
  • death of a beneficiary
  • changes in marital status (marriage, widowhood, divorce), even if this has already been notified to another public office
  • interruption or completion of the education of children for whom benefits are still paid after the age of 18
  • being remanded in custody, execution of sentences and measures in Switzerland and abroad

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