Information about Health Insurance


Under the Federal Law on Health Insurance (KVG), all persons resident in Switzerland are obliged to take out health insurance (from a health insurance scheme). SWICA offers various health insurance solutions.

Insured privately or through the employer

Employees can take out private insurance or join the insurance scheme of their employer, if any. If employers take out insurance for their employees, the premiums can be deducted from their salaries.

Include accident risk

Employees must make sure that their private health insurance also covers the risk of accident if

  • they work less than 8 hours per week (in which case the employer does not have to take out non-occupational accident insurance for the employee).
  • the employment relationship is terminated (insurance cover lapses with the termination of the employment contract).

Employers must inform their employees in writing that they are no longer covered for accidents in the above cases and are responsible for taking out their own accident insurance.


Employees must pay their own health insurance premiums.


The basic health insurance pays the benefits prescribed by the KVG. Additional benefits can be covered with supplementary insurance. 

The SWICA regional office staff members will be pleased to assist you with any queries relating to health insurance: 0800 80 90 80 (freephone)