Pension Fund Account Statement

Pension Fund Account Statement

The second pillar retirement pension is based on an individual savings process. It starts at the age of 25 and is contingent upon having an annual earned income above the entry threshold. The savings process ends upon reaching retirement age. The retirement assets saved in the insured person’s individual account over the years serve to finance the retirement pension. The accumulated capital is converted into the annual retirement pension using a conversion rate.

We recommend that you periodically obtain an account statement for your retirement assets from your pension fund.

Please note that, for data protection reasons, account statements can only be sent to the insured person’s home address. If you would like them to be sent to a third party or a c/o address, we would need you to provide us with corresponding authorisation. Thank you for your understanding.

Here you can order a free account statement showing your pension fund balance.

For an overview of the insured benefits, please refer to your pension certificate.