Purchase into the Pension Fund

Advantages of making a voluntary payment (purchase) into the Pension Fund

  • Increase of pension assets
  • Better benefits at the time of retirement
  • Tax-deductible
  • Voluntary purchases paid out in the event of death
  • Avoid benefit reductions on early retirement

Conditions attached to making a purchase

Restricted use

After a purchase, the purchase amount may not be drawn for a period of 3 years

  • as an advance withdrawal to finance residential property.
  • as a lump sum on retirement.
  • on taking up self-employment.
  • on leaving Switzerland.

Tax deductibility

Purchases can be deducted from taxable income. We would advise you to check the tax deductibility of voluntary purchases with your tax office and to request a written confirmation before you make any purchases.

Purchase in the event of early retirement

Anyone who makes purchases for the early retirement but then decides to work longer could lose some of the money they paid voluntarily. If early retirement is not taken, the benefit target may be exceeded by no more than 5%. Any amount above this would therefore be lost (Art. 9.4.3 of the Regulations).

Purchase amount

The GastroSocial Pension Fund can calculate the maximum amount for which you can make a voluntary purchase. To this end, please complete the «Application for calculation of maximum purchase amount pension fund» form and send it to:

GastroSocial Pension Fund  |  Vested Benefits Team (Freizügigkeiten)

P.O. Box  |  5001 Aarau  |  E-Mail