Registration of Cohabiting/Life Partner as Beneficiary upon Death

Definition of partner

Partner refers to the spouse, registered partner under the Partnership Act, and the unmarried life partner appointed during the insured’s lifetime (see information sheet). In the event of the death of an active insured person or of a recipient of a retirement or disability pension, the unmarried life partner will be entitled to a partner’s pension if the partner

  • lived with the insured in the same household for at least five years without interruption or

  • is responsible for the maintenance of one or more children and

  • was registered with the GastroSocial Pension Fund by the insured person during the latter’s lifetime.

Obligation to notify

You should register your unmarried life partner with your pension fund. GastroSocial requires the partnership to be registered during an insured person’s lifetime, using the form «Registration life partner».

Please remember:

  • Check with your pension fund whether the unmarried partner is automatically a beneficiary like a spouse.
  • Register your unmarried life partner by submitting the required form to both pension funds.

Order of beneficiaries for lump sum payable at death if no partner’s pension is due

If an insured person or recipient of a disability pension dies before the regular retirement age and before drawing a retirement benefit and no partner’s pension or settlement is due, a death lump sum is paid out.

The eligible persons are, independent of the law of succession, and in the following order:

Group 1

a) Natural persons supported to a considerable extent by the insured person, provided that the insured person during their lifetime submitted a written beneficiary declaration to the GastroSocial Pension Fund; if none,

Group 2

b) the children of the deceased person; if none,

c) the parents.

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