Statement of AHV Individual Account

Individual account (IA)

The compensation fund opens an individual account for each insured where all income, contribution years and credits for the care of relatives that serve as the basis for the calculation of a retirement, survivors’ or disability pension are registered.

Request for an account statement

Check at regular intervals whether your employer has paid all the contributions due and notified your salary to the Compensation Fund. Free statements for the individual account can be ordered from the account-managing AHV Compensation Funds. A global statement for all individual accounts managed for an insured can be requested from any Compensation Fund.

Please note that, for data protection reasons, account statements can only be sent to the insured person‘s home address. If you would like them to be sent to a third party or a c/o address, we would need you to provide us with corresponding authorisation. Thank you for your understanding.

You can order your free IA statement here.

Explanatory video «Extract from individual account»