Ideal for large companies with their own payroll accounting
(Note: only available in German and French for the moment)

What can the programme do?

  • Electronic transmission of salary data from your payroll accounting system to the GastroSocial Pension Fund
  • Online access to the current account balance with the Pension Fund
  • Transmission of data with 2048-bit encryption


  • Affiliation with the GastroSocial Pension Fund
  • Computer or tablet with an Internet connection
  • Acrobat Reader to open the documents (we recommend at least version 7.0)
  • Compatible salary programmes: Gastro wages book, Abacus, Mirus, Crésus wage accounting (Crésus Lohnbuchhaltung), Sage 200 & 50 (depending on availability manufacturer), SwissSalary NAV Plus (other salary programmes on request)


  • Free of charge


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