Changes to the Regulations in 2019

We are pleased to inform you of the most important changes to the new Regulations Uno and Scala 2019, which enter into force on 1 January 2019.

To make them easier to understand, we have split the existing regulations into two parts. They are now divided into the General Regulations and contain the general provisions governing benefits, and the Pension Plan, which defines the benefits per plan, including benefit amounts, pensionable salary, contributions etc.

In addition, the benefits for insured persons have been further expanded. Despite these improvements in benefits, premiums do not need to be adjusted and current pensions will not change. The conversion rates for both the mandatory and extra-mandatory retirement assets at the regular retirement age remain unchanged. The same applies in the case of early retirement.

All of the key changes and amendments to our Regulations 2019 can be found in the Information Brochure and in the Regulations themselves.

Regulations and Information Brochure for download:

Regulations Uno Regulations Scala Information Brochure

Pension plans for download:

Uno Basis Uno Top Uno Plus
Uno Integral Basis Uno Integral Top Uno Integral Plus
Scala Basis Scala Top Scala Plus
Scala Integral Basis Scala Integral Top Scala Integral Plus

For environmental reasons, we generally prefer not to send out print versions of the revised regulations. We will nevertheless be happy to send you print copies of the regulations and pension plans on request. You can request them using the online order form below.

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